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Building Material Manufacturers in India

Building material manufacturers can be found at every place in India. They are based in every state and cities catering to the real estate market strongly. They are normally accessed through the medium of building contractors, but you can also approach them directly for any of your construction needs. Nowadays, real estate websites have become popular mediums to approach some of the most reliable construction materials suppliers in India. You can get necessary information about them from their company homepage or from other sites where these building material producers in India are listed. They are the manufacturers and suppliers of important housing materials without which concrete building in impossible. So, listed below are some of the leading building material suppliers in India who can be contacted for all your housing needs. They specialize in supply of cement, bricks, concrete, sand, and machines. 

Top building material manufacturers in India

Among the popular building manufacturers in India are the following companies-
Ambuja Cement Ltd.
Gujarat Ambuja Cements was set up in 1986. It is another premier cement manufacturing unit in India. In the last decade the company has grown into a great business house dealing with all kinds of cement-hard, soft, and blended construction cement. The company that started its commercial production at the 2mn tons plant in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, and Ambuja, is considered as India’s third largest cement company. With a capacity of 12.5mn tons and revenue in excess of 2,500 crore, its plants are some of the most efficient in the world. The factories recruit large number of laborers, suppliers, drivers, architects, and engineers to facilitate production.
ACC Ltd. 
ACC's range of materials and blended cements are marketed through a network of 11 regional marketing offices, 16 area offices, and 160 warehouses spread across the Indian boundaries. It is one of the largest material manufacturing houses in India. The main product is the ACC Cement. Such an all-pervasive marketing network has enabled ACC to consolidate itself with a national presence. And the customer is assured of being able to get quality ACC products when and where he wants them. There is large number of supplying vehicles to the various sites of construction in India. They even market it to wholesale markets and distributors.
Website: www.acclimited.com
Berger Paints India Ltd.
The company came into effect in 1923. It is headquartered in Kolkata, and the distribution network of this building material distributor in India consists of 66 stock points and approximately 10,000 dealers throughout the country. 
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. 
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. aims at expanding itself to meet the growing demands in the construction industry. The boom in real estate market contributed in building of modern homes that comprised of plaster of Paris to false ceiling slabs.  Its manufacturing plants in Gailpur (Rajasthan) and Sikandrabad (UP) are the places where global technology is applied to produce the finest Indian tiles. The company has registered huge growth in terms of production. The increased production from 12 million square meters to 18 million square meters of tiles per annum has added to Kajaria's early output and revenue largely.
Website: www.kajariaceramics.com