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Building Material Manufacturers in Chandigarh

The city of Chandigarh is also referred as the ‘City Beautiful. It is another well-planned city in India that holds a lot of potentials of growth both in economic and social sector. Home to at least 1.6 million residents, Chandigarh has seen immense development in infrastructural facilities and connectivity to major cities like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Lucknow. The urban planning of the city makes it a sought after place among the people and this is not without the contribution from the building material manufacturers in Chandigarh. The population is concentrated in the Northern part of the city that has people most people engaged in government services. The construction works for houses, commercial properties, and roads are also heavy in this part of the city.


Building material suppliers in Chandigarh

Chandigarh also draws a huge crowd to the commercial and shopping districts. The well-gained foundation is the contribution of all the real estate developers. Significant changes have been brought about in the designing of the commercial complexes by regulating the supply of raw building materials in Chandigarh. Major manufacturers and material dealers are looking forward to the Chandigarh sky-line that is fast developing. The building material wholesalers in recent years are earning huge revenue. Even if there was minimum construction work done during the recession period, yet their supply remained normal. 
This condition has been well described by many builders as market strategy. At this time, the building material dealers in Chandigarh went on to supply more raw materials for construction that had good prices and also saved them from the charges of the factories. Those manufacturing giants like Ambuja Cement went on to cut the cost of production by hiking the price of materials. A rise in cost of building materials in Chandigarh affected the middle-income and the low-income group for whom owning a home is still a dream. This is because the cost of homes and building materials is still high. Prices though have plummeted to a certain extent for steel, pipes, and iron ores.
An important boost to the real estate market came with the developments of luxury homes sector. Since there was a shortage in housing market, this sector was earlier ignored. The rise in sale of luxury homes in Chandigarh came when the Chandigarh building material manufacturers started supply quality yet reasonably priced blended materials. It was done to lure the builders to construct luxury apartments and homes in Chandigarh. 

Top building material manufacturers in Chandigarh

There are many companies and shops that supply the basic raw materials, and processed products that are needed for construction. Few of them are listed below.
Saboo Lime & Cement Ltd.
Address: SCO-10, Sector-26, Madhya Marg 
Chandigarh, India.
M/s Speciality Slates & Tiles
Address: 24/8 Industrial Area ,
Phase - II, Chandigarh, 
Punjab, India.
Prem Chand Amar Chand & Co
Sector-26, Chandigarh-160026
Bansal Steels Tubes Co
Sector-22, Chandigarh-160022
Capital Building Stores
Sector-49 B, Chandigarh-160047
Prem Lime & Building Material 
 Sector-15, Chandigarh-160015