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Electronics companies

In today’s fast growing and moving world the role and significance of electronic companies are manifold. Almost all generations, across aged require electronics and electronic product in order to foster lifestyle of the people.

In the recent past the electronic companies have undergone several innovations and have forayed into the various markets with upgraded technology every time. This is said to bring about a whole new pattern of transformation in the industry. Electronics companies with their host of FMCG, home appliances and consumer durable add to the décor of the modern day home.
Electronics Companies market trend
Post the rapid economic development in the 1990’s, the electronic industry has shown remarkable improvement in its scope and expansion. Since then, the market has shown rapid and consistent growth and innovation. It also witnessed 30% growth per annum that was mostly contributed by the consumer electronics that kept on changing with the emerging trends and pattern in the economy and the consumer’s preference.
The major revolution that the electronics companies have experienced has been the advent of the computers. Micro chip technology today is not only limited to computers, but is also actively used in cameras, televisions, medical equipments, home appliances and the like.
There are several automated products that are using such technologies like the automated doors, curtains, and surveillance systems and so on. Hence, electronic companies in today’s day and age no longer remain as a point which only manufactures gadgets. But in manufacturers products that enhance the overall home décor of an average urban individual today.
Some of the eminent electronic companies catering to the society and living up to their name are:-
Sony is a MNC headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It records a global turnover of eight trillion. The company is a leading manufacturer of games and gaming console, electronic gadgets and allied information products with the latest technology. The category that caters in the section of home décor is Electronics, Media, Entertainment, Games and so on.
Other products that add to the overall home value with regards the décor are LCD television, home theatres, play stations and the like. These products reflect the choice of the modern day consumer and add to the aesthetics of the household.
Viking is instrumental in adapting electronic technology even in kitchen. The company is gold standard; or rather in the culinary sector it holds the stainless steel standard. The product range with which it caters to the market is refrigerators, electronic control panels, kitchen appliances.
Samsung is an important as well as a leading player in the electronics industry. The inception of the brand was in the year 1938. The name Samsung has been derived from a Korean word that means Tri-Star.
The company is known for its unique LCD plasma, television, digi cams and so on. Samsung also produces household appliances that add to the home décor and ambience.
Electronic Companies
Some other prominent electronic companies are:-
  • Panasonic
  • Sharp
  • Carbon
  • Nokia
  • Apple
  • Fujitsu and the like.
With innovations entering the household sector too, customers prefer today decorations within the house that would serve their utility as well as cater to their beauty. The new compact homes that are being built today demands the products that would add style as well do their functions aiming in smooth and easy running of the household.
Therefore, as a result the electronic companies today are all the more gearing up to provide the best services in terms of household appliances and consumer durables. All these together, give rise to what is known as the smart homes with minimal, stylish and sophisticated home decor.