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Facility Management Services in Chennai


Facility management services in Chennai stepped in with the boom in real estate market of Chennai. With the growing population, housing needs increased to a great extent. As housing needs are met, the problems are that of maintaining the house that you own!!! This is when you feel the need of having a professional help you out with overall solutions for facility management, the need of which is ever increasing in the cities. The facility management companies in Chennai provide a kit of solutions for home and corporate office, hotel chains, and restaurants. It caters to the utmost developmental and repairing concerns of a house. There are companies and even team of individuals who are an expert in this field and you cam always trust their services.
Down in the Southern part of India, not many cities have a large crowd availing facility management services. This is because there are few companies and also they are feared to charge a lot. But, in Chennai the growth in terms of servicing companies, agencies, and consultants also has many steady beside the growth potential to opt for professional help when it comes to your home. An important factor that is often regarded as a deterrent in implementing facility management is that traditional families living in the city still considers the household duties and maintenance as a responsibility of all the family members and they do not prefer any professional assistance. Therefore, only the nuclear families and working individuals are the ones availing the facilities.
In the corporate sector, the facility management consultants in Chennai are increasingly targeting the corporate and commercial market like IT parks, offices, malls, cafes, restaurants, and pubs where professional assistance is sought after. Facility management services in Chennai have carved out a niche for itself in the commercial market that is fast expanding.
Facility management in Chennai services pertains to everything from
  • Home guard
  • Home security
  • Building maintenance,
  • Sanitation
  • Garbage collection
  • Repair of faults in mechanical and electrical systems.
All those services that were expected to be coordinated by the homeowners alone even a few years back is now done in the most professional ways. You need on wait to call in a plumber or an electrician to fix things up. Any company would work on contractual basis or monthly payment basis and provide you a complete package of home solutions.
Facility management companies in Chennai
The home management service providers are spread all over Chennai. You just need to choose and fix the rates. Often the charges depend on the number of people the agency engage to service your home. Big homes require more people. While, if your home does not have a big lawn or a garden the work can be done within budget.
Unicorn Services
No: 5, 5th Street,
Rutland Gate, Nungambakkam 
Chennai - 600 006,
Tamil Nadu 
Updater Services (P) Ltd
No.33, Meerlan Towers,
Hanumantha Road, Balaji Nagar,
Royapettah, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu - 600014 
UK Housekeeping Services
18/18, Ist Floor,
Corporation Complex, 3rd Cross Road,
Chennai- 600 028, Tamilnadu.