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Facility Management Services in Gurgaon

Facility Management Services in Gurgaon has made life easier for the newly established corporate families in the various sectors of Gurgaon. The facility management service providers in Gurgaon undertake several services that help in maintenance of their homes. The otherwise tiring job is done with a professional touch.  The work in trivial but made is tedious when you think that after a long day at office you need to cater to housekeeping gardening, and other electrical maintenances. In Gurgaon though facility management is a newer concept and there are not many companies at present, yet the craze is taking off.

For working individuals, this is an excellent facility. For modern homes, care is an absolute requirement and who other than the facility management experts in Gurgaon understands this better? The top home facility management companies in Gurgaon provide services that cater to everything from housekeeping, electrical maintenance, and garden cleaning. They help you make your dream home look a grand one. Few companies even offer event management services like parties and get together at your home. There is everything from catering, cleaning, and other services attached to the event are provided by them. This makes your life more organized and things just fall to in the right place.
In the competitive age, each company strives to stand different from the other to make their products and services more popular and sought after ones. Therefore the home management companies also tend to offer engineering and non-enginnering support services for your home. 
On the commercial front, the facility management services in Gurgaon include those that are availed by the corporate companies and industries. There are employee welfare services, canteen facilities, and electrical works, drinking water facilities, and courtyard and garden maintenance. Along with better infrastructure of the office buildings, the need for other utility and facility services too are now in demand. Allied services are provided by professionals trained to make facility management a prominent service sector. With the growth in commercial and residential complexes, the facility management services in Gurgaon have gained prominence.
Services of facility management companies in Gurgaon
  • House keeping
  • Garbage collection
  • Electrical maintenance services
  • Electrical repairing
  • Plumber jobs
  • Lawn mowing
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Building material maintenance
  • Home security services
  • Interior designing services
  • Allied services- reservations, gas bookings
  • Child care services
  • Laundry
  • Maid/servants providers
  • Driver facility
  • Bill payment facilities
Facility management companies in India
There are several agencies, companies, and service providers who specialize in offering facility management services in Gurgaon. These companies are ever ready to help you out to maintain your modern home in an effective way.
  • Balaji Housekeeping Pvt.Ltd.
  • Sabharwal Security & Housekeeping
  • Taj Hi-tech
  • Super Pest Control Pvt Ltd
  • Suraksha Guards & Essential Services
  • Sunlight Upkeep And Maintenance
  • Trishul Detective & Security Services
  • A To Z Maintenance And Engineering Private Limited
  • E-City Property Management & Services