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Facility Management Services in Pune

If managing property and facilities are not an issue, then what is the surging demand in Pune all about? Facility management services in Pune are continuously achieving great heights and more than many other cities in India. Many attribute the trend to the growing pressure at work places that leaves very little time for one to cater to household maintenance needs. But for experts, the facility management trend in Pune city is all about being actively modern and adding the professional touch to your home. And since most of the time these services come at an affordable rate so there is nothing to think twice before you take the plunge to actually seeking expert guidance in this segment.
However, the effective role of the real estate market in Pune is hard to ignore. With real estate market developments the high-rise buildings and modern luxury homes that are not only of square feet 2,000 and above but also have space for garden and lawn parties came into being. Such homes increasingly depend on professional home management companies in Pune to take up the charge of housekeeping, maintenance, and the overall repairing works. Once you have spotted a company whose services you can hire, you can always get into a contract or deal for a period of few years and be satisfied with your dream home.
Facility Management Companies in Pune
Company Location
C L R Services Pvt Ltd Erandwane, Pune-411004
Tirumala Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd Aundh, Pune-411007
Timessol Facility Management Pvt Ltd Deccan, Pune-411004
Legion Management Services Pvt Ltd Deccan, Pune-411004
Pune is drastically turning out to be an example setter to other cities in terms of investments and business development that is coming up with the cause of facility management. Builders and real estate developers are also outsourcing services to these companies and concentrating more on constructions rather than electrical works, floor cleaning, and false ceiling works. In a comparatively expensive city like Pune you need not pay extra for electrician, plumber, and carpenter when you have a facility management company in Pune providing you solutions for these needs.
It is now being regarded as an investment, career, and business option rather than just a mere maintenance function. Various organizations like banks, hospitals, etc., are employing the services of a professional service provider. Facility management criteria in Pune are also becoming a different one as people are seeking well-managed buildings and homes for rents and ownerships. Moreover, the cost of facility management services in Pune is just around Rs. 8-15 per square feet per month for maintenance of commercial properties and for residential properties from Rs. 3-8 per square feet every month depending on the scope of services to be delivered.