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Green Homes in Chennai

 The green touch to South India is brought about by the construction of Green Homes in Chennai. Are you thinking of how to save your electricity bill by switching over to some power saving mode? The Green Buildings in Chennai have the magic. They come as a package solution for modernity, style, design, with a natural effect, and also the conservation theory is heavily applied here. The most intriguing feature in the list of Green Homes coming up in Chennai is that they are no more restricted to commercial ones. Earlier, the corporate offices and IT companies were the ones to implement the concept of Green Homes in Chennai. But now the middle-income group has also steeped in to the scenario. The environment-friendly buildings are residential complexes spread throughout the city. 

The property lists in Chennai reveal that there are about eight residential complexes and homes are coming up in the city as per the Green Homes norms. One among them is an independent house in Madipakkam that is almost ready to be occupied. The main Green complexes in Chennai are located in Thiruvanmiyur, Sriperumbudur, Navalur, and Irungattukottai areas. One reason for this green House boom is that right from the time that the first Green house was constructed in Hyderabad, the prices have come down at least by 10 per cent in terms of building expenses. The technology has also evolved far more. In the beginning of the year 2000, Green Homes building cost was at least 18-19 per cent more than other conventional homes. But at the end of 2009, the price was just calculated to be 8 per cent more. This also indicates that the prices of Green Homes in Chennai are also bound to fall in the coming years. 
It has been observed that with the increase in Green housing projects in Chennai, the cost of electricity, water, and energy for these units have reduced by over 55 per cent than other homes. The systems in the homes also helped control room temperature naturally like placing of reflective titles on the terrace reduced heat penetration by 90 per cent! The LED lights can save power to great extent; rainwater harvesting doubles the water resource facility for the homes. 

Top Green Homes projects in Chennai

Chennai Green Homes are part of the great housing revolution of modern cities in India. 
This Green Homes project by city-based real estate developer Appaswamy is located near Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai. The total area is estimated to be 2.5 lakh square feet and the rooms will be built as per Green House norms. The paints and materials would also be high in organic compounds than chemicals. 
This project one among the Green Homes in Chennai is an initiative of the Vasavi Housing Infrastructure Ltd (VHIL). It would comprise of 54 apartments at Kelambakkam in the suburbs of Chennai.