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Green Homes in Indore

The colonies that house Green Homes in Indore are one of the exotic destinations for residents willing to have a pollution-free life in pure environment that fulfills the ecological needs as well. Id conservation is the campaign throughout India, Indore is not an exception. Every corner of Indore is gearing up to ensure that the city begins to live a life of freshness. The level of pollution is giving Indore an unhealthy lifestyle for few years now. This is primarily due to the heavy flow of traffic and construction of industrial units. People are realizing the ill-effects of pollution and are willing to relocate to such areas and colonies that have Green Buildings even if it is a high cost!

Green Home concept in Indore

The demand for Green Buildings in Indore has influenced the builders to promote Green technology in Indore while construction of homes. Building cost still remains higher, nevertheless there is no dearth of takers when it comes to live in a green surrounding that offers modern facilities that make home management easier. Like there are no problems of water-logging, sewage leakages, and overflowing of drain waters. The outlets of all such Green Home complexes in Indore have also been built efficiently to ensure that they do not lead to any freshwater nearby streams or lakes that might be the reason of water pollution. The open-air swimming pools have been constructed to ensure that are a source of cool breeze during summer nights to the residents. This has also discouraged the over-use of AC machines and coolers that tend to consume lot of energy. 
The energy saving mode has made these eco-friendly homes in Indore more popular among the residents. They see it as an effective way to save their electricity bills throughout their life by just paying around 20 per cent more than conventional homes while purchasing the Green Homes in Indore. Initially the building cost of Green Homes in Indore was lot higher and real estate investors and contractors were reluctant to take up a project. Getting a Green Home certification in Indore along with good ratings was also not easy. 

Major Green home projects in Indore

Silver Springs
Silver Springs Township is a self- contained, fully integrated one that has sprawled over 137 acres. It is located on the AB Bypass Road in Indore and is planned for 1,600 residential units along with space for commercial units. 
Garden City
A venture of DLF-Indore, this Green home project in Indore comes at a price but with great facilities. If you want to experience beauty of nature sitting in the balcony of your apartment, no other place than Garden City can give you this delighting experience. From clubs to schools, all come easy.