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Green Homes in Mumbai

Finally the Green homes in Mumbai are making a mark in the lavish city of Mumbai. It is slowly following the footsteps of Green technology to make the vibrant metropolitan experience some natural charm. The rising level of pollution, the threat of power cut, and the water-loggings are influencing the builders to abide by the natural norm. This is because the benefits of Green Homes in Mumbai and other cities are being slowly realized. While the real estate market is undergoing a great change in design, style, and in terms of building technology to adhere the Green Home rules, the people are taking it quiet well. The upper-middle class crowd is also interested in making more payments for owning a green home. 

So, when are the buildings, apartments, and homes considered part of the Green Homes projects in Mumbai? There are few norms that the builders should adhere to while construction. They are grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, solar heating, energy-efficient heating, lighting, and minimum disturbance to topsoil during construction.
A green housing revolution in Mumbai has been scaling new heights with the announcement of 96 projects in Mumbai. These projects have a proposed layout of 80 million square feet of built-up space for both commercial and housing complex. The projects have been certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).
This has helped developing Mumbai into a leading city in terms of green buildings, both existing and proposed. Sixteen of the 96 projects have already been certified under the LEED system, the internationally accepted benchmark for establishment of Green Homes in India. Of which six are residential projects. 

Timber Green Homes

Previously the Green Homes Mumbai tag was sought mostly by multinational companies and IT corporates for office space, besides a couple of high-end homes in Mumbai. But the situation is changing immensely; even non-luxury residential projects have the green label and part of the plan for conservation and natural maintenance. The Green Buildings in Mumbai are no more restricted to commercial purpose. The Mumbai residents have welcomed the concept with open arms. 
One of the premier projects that are soon going to gain grounds is Sahara Aamby Valley City located about 120 km from Mumbai. It is being built in collaboration with the Japanese government and intends to develop the township as a model eco-friendly city.

Top Green Homes projects in Mumbai

Perkins and Will’s Antilla Green Tower in Mumbai
This is an excellent skyscraper deemed to be the greenest building in Mumbai. It is one of the extensive projects towards the development of Green Homes in Mumbai. The tower would render 27-storey and is located on Mumbai’s Altamount Road. The real estate cost has been estimated at $1800/square foot. The architects boast of green foliage, with living walls enclosing all four sides, hanging gardens and green rooftop.