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Green Homes in Raipur

A prime industrial area in the state of Chhatisgarh, Green homes in Raipur has contributed primarily in pollution control measures and promoting the value of being green in Raipur. We are living at a time when the earth is constantly being subjected to UV rays, global warming, and high level of pollution. The disaster is the unhealthy condition in our living. Though the concept of Green Homes in India is new, yet it has helped us to put the first step forward in preservation of the earth’s natural resources and cutting down on energy consumption and its cost. India is one of the countries that have acute power shortages. The small villages and towns are the worst victims. 

In Raipur, existing homes initially found it really difficult to adhere to the Green home campaign methods. This is because of the designs of the homes and less open area surrounding the house. Industrialization has claimed most of the land area here. Residential units were mostly the result of people relocating to Raipur because of professional reason. The Green home buildings in Raipur were initially priced very high due to low availability and high demand. Then came the recession where the Green Home building cost in Raipur began to slow as the industrial sector suffered in Raipur during recession. 

Green home concept in Raipur

The advantage of having a green home nevertheless makes the extra spending on purchasing or renting the home a lot more beneficial. There are few features that Raipur Green homes specialize in. The most important feature of Green Homes in Raipur is that they make the best use of the natural energy resources. The other characteristics are that-
The heating, lighting, and cooling appliances used in green homes use the best of natural resources to save energy, money , besides being one of the most eco-friendly option. 
Green homes in Raipur utilize alternative energy sources like sun, wind, geothermal, and biomass energy. These are real power saving mode and the newest form of Green Home technology in Raipur. Some Green home apartments in Raipur also offer insulated roofs and walls that allow air to play well and are cool considerably lessen the heat during the summer months. These results in lowering the load on air-conditioning machines to a great extent. 
Major energy saving techniques is installed and adopted in a green home. As in the case of Vatika Group projects, one of its Green Homes has an installed a variable frequency drive (VFD) system which automatically adjusts motor speed of the cooling systems according to the ambient temperature. 

Major Green Home projects in Raipur

The projects were mostly undertaken in mid-2003 and the first phase of Green Homes in Raipur was completed in 2005. 
Shree Riddhi Siddhi Park
There are several projects by Monika Builders and Developers Pvt Ltd, a Chhatisgarh based real estate builder and developer who have many Green Home projects in their kit. The Shree Riddhi Siddhi Park chain comprises of colonies and residential blocks all over Chhatisgarh. They specialize in sky-rise apartments and bungalows that is built on lush green surroundings.