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HDFC Bank Housing Loans

HDFC or Housing Development Finance Commission is the largest housing finance companies in India offering a wide range of housing loan schemes to help you buy your dream home. HDFC Bank which is promoted by HDFC is one of the four largest banks in India along with SBI, ICICI and Punjab National Bank. They are the pioneers of housing finance in India with more than 33 years of lending experience and thousands of satisfied home loan borrowers. HDFC Housing loans are available for the purpose of purchasing/ constructing a new home, renovation and repairing of existing home, extension of home, or land purchase for your future dream house.



Why HDFC Bank Housing Loans?


  • Most competitive interest rates, one of the best among the housing finance companies.

  • Instant loan approvals and hassle free documentation.

  • Loan from any HDFC branch for purchase of home all over India.

  • Loan approval even before a property is selected

  • Loan sanction of up to 80% of the cost of property.

  • Flexible repayment options to suit your income and requirements. One can choose a plan from Step Up Repayment Facility, Flexible Loan installments Plan, Tranche Based EMI, or Accelerated Repayment Scheme.

  • Options of fixed as well as floating interest rates.

  • Low procession fee of just 0.5%.



HDFC Bank Housing Loan Products





HDFC Bank housing loan Interest Rates



HDFC Bank India housing loans rates are one of the most competitive rates available in the housing loan market. When it is a question of purchasing a home with a housing loan, the primary objective of the borrowers is to find a cheap interest rate loan . To know more about HDFC Bank India housing loans Rates Know more



HDFC housing loan EMI Calculator



HDFC Bank housing loan EMI calculator assists you to estimate how much amount you got to pay for repayment of your loan on the basis of amount you acquire as loan, the period for which you take loan and the interest rate. Know more


HDFC housing loan Insurance



HDFC housing loan insurance is a service offered by HDFC in order to let the housing loan borrower insure his housing loan and in case anything unexpected takes place in his life the burden of repayment of housing loan does not fall upon his loved ones or his legal heir to


repay the loan amount . Know more


HDFC housing loan Eligibility Calculator



HDFC housing loan eligibility calculator helps the potential housing loan customers compute their eligibility using the online calculator...Know more


HDFC Bank India housing loans – features and benefits


HDFC has been offering housing loan products to the Indian customers for more than 3 decades. Given below are the important features and benefits of HDFC Bank India housing loans:


1) Types of housing loans


Listed below are the different types of housing loans offered by HDFC Bank:


A) housing loans


You can use a housing loan offered by HDFC Bank for purposes like home construction or purchase of houses (new/resale). You can make either a single or joint loan application. With an HDFC Bank housing loan, you have the opportunity to finance up to 85% of the value of the property (comprising stamp duty plus contract value along with registration fees) on the basis of the ability for repayment of the applicant.


B) Home extension loans


HDFC Bank offers home extension loans with which you can extend your current residential unit. The terms and conditions are similar to that of housing loans.


C) Home improvement loans


Home improvement loans offered by HDFC Bank help you carry out different types of home improvement and upgradation work to your home. You can perform both internal and external maintenance work and other structural betterments such as waterproofing, painting, electrification, plumbing, flooring, tiling, installing aluminum windows and grilling. You can get a loan amount of up to 85% of the cost of the refurbishment (100% is available for current customers) and this is dependent on the market value of the property.




D) Land purchase loan


HDFC Bank also offers loans for purchasing plots of land. This is an excellent loan program designed to facilitate land purchase. These loans are ideal for constructing a house on a parcel of land or making investments in the real estate sector. You can qualify for a loan amount of up to 85% of the value of the land though this is subject to certain prerequisites. The maximum repayment term for this loan is 15 years.


2) Benefits offered by HDFC Bank India housing loans


Given below are the salient benefits offered by HDFC Bank India housing loans:


You can select from floating rate and fixed rate loan products

All housing loans from HDFC Bank have flexible repayment terms

Automated repayment facilities for EMIs on housing loans

Loan coverage term assurance plan

Customer privileges

In-house inspection of property deeds

  HDFC housing loan EMI calculator


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