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Housing Agents in Mumbai


Real estate agents and property dealers have always played an important role in finding the right property for you irrespective of whether it is a residential or a commercial property you are hunting for. The property dealers and the agents are the ones who can turn your dream into reality.

How reliable are agents and property dealers in Mumbai?

Success of real estate deal depends to a large extent on the property dealers. Not that all the property dealers and the real estate agents are dishonest in Mumbai but there is always a probability of finding a rotten fruit in a basket full of fruits. So, there are exceptions.

There are many agents and property dealers in Mumbai who will help you genuinely. So, all you need to do is keep your eyes wide open for the latest changes that are taking place in the real estate market. This holds true particularly for the rates that are prevailing in the market. By doing so, you can avoid being taken for a ride.

How will agents and property dealers in Mumbai help you?

There are many aspects that are taken into account while buying property. Similarly, if you are selling one, you need to take into account few aspects too. A property dealer will–


  • Determine your affordability

  • Suggest important factors that you should look into while buying/selling property

  • Choose the correct property for you

  • Suggest the correct time to buy/sell property in Mumbai etc

In addition to the ones mentioned above, a real estate agent will help you to negotiate with the buyer/seller and make sure that you are not at loss.

If the real estate agent or the property dealer has sound knowledge about the legal aspects that you should consider prior to settling for a property, they can help you in the same.

Agents and property dealers in Mumbai

There are innumerable property dealers operating in the real estate sector in Mumbai. However, not all are dependable and it is very important to choose the right one. Check out the following real estate agents in Mumbai.

  • Sainath Properties

  • Fatnani Realtors

  • Property Solutions

  • Mediakart

  • Aditya Estate Agent

  • Astha Consultant

  • R & S Corporation

  • Tulip Living Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  • Asha Estate

  • Mission Home etc

You can contact an agent or a property dealer not just for residential property but commercial property too. Whether you want to buy office space or space for a shopping mall, addressing minute details is of utmost importance. And in this regard, the agents and property dealers in Mumbai can help you immensely.

Realty bubble in Mumbai

Reports suggest that Mumbai is all set to experience a realty bubble since price of real estate has been rising steadily. The cost of homes that had plunged by as much as 35% in few of the areas in Mumbai are looking up and this trend set in some 9 months ago. So much so that you can expect the cost of homes to reach values that once prevailed in Mumbai during 2007-2008.