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Housing Agents in Noida


Noida is a rapidly growing township. And this is the only place where approximately 40% (as of August 2009) of the land that is available is reserved for residential complexes equipped with modern and latest amenities. The fact that the real estate infrastructural facilities have looked up as compared to before is also one of the reasons that has given rise to the demand for homes, office spaces etc in Noida.

How will you choose a real estate agent or a property dealer?

There are many real estate agents and property dealers in Noida. Most of them have their own websites that offer extensive information about the commercial and residential property listings.

Not only that you may find information about the latest residential projects as well as the commercial projects that are coming up in different areas in Noida.

Ignorance is not always bliss especially when it is a decision that may impact your finances throughout your life. For instance if you are planning to buy a house (may be your dream home) and you seek help of a real estate agent, who misguides you or insists that you settle for a property which will help him to earn more kickbacks, your finances can go for a toss.

Your money will probably end up in wrong hands. And it is after all your hard earned cash which you cannot do injustice with.

References often work

The best is to go through the reviews of agents and property dealers in Noida. It is still better if you can get few references from your friends and relatives. In other words, you will be able to get accurate information if you work with someone who has already worked with someone known to you.

Rental property in Noida

Real estate agents and property dealers in Noida not only help you in buying/selling property but they will also help you to look for a rented property. Since Noida is a place where many offices, new business houses and educational centers are coming up, you will find many students and working professionals who look out for rental apartments and houses. With the help of the property dealers and real estate agents in Noida, you can zero-in on a suitable rental property.

Similarly, if any company wants to start operations in Noida and is looking out for office space, it can seek assistance of a property dealer or a real estate agent in Noida.

Noida’s real estate agents and property dealers

Some of the agents and property dealers in Noida are as follows –


  • DLF

  • Unitech

  • Ansals

  • R.P Properties

  • Sunshine Enterprises

  • Om Properties

  • Punjab Properties & Construction etc

Although the aftermath of the economic slowdown didn’t spare this part of the country, but the scenario didn’t last for long. This is evident from the value of property that has been rising steadily over the last couple of months. You will still find the agents and property dealers in Noida doing brisk business and earning handsome profits.