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Housing Agents in Pune



Real estate market in India suffered a slump as a result of the aftermath of the economic meltdown that originated in United States. However, the graveness of the situation differs from one city to another. The fact that Pune was never a prime property market allowed it to remain steady. The agents and property dealers in Pune have been subjected to upheavals that lasted for a very short while.
Now that Pune is becoming a favorite destination for the IT as well as the ITES companies, it is giving rise to real estate activity in Pune. Several agents and property dealers in Pune have started operating in the real estate market. And it won’t be wrong to say that they are reaping the benefits of this rapidly growing property market.
Agents and property dealers in Pune – How do they help?
Real estate agents and property dealers in Pune can assist you in taking a property transaction to completion. The property market in the housing sector is growing remarkably. Not that the commercial property sector is lagging behind but the residential property market is definitely leading.
As more and more multinational companies are coming up in Pune, the number of people being recruited in the city is increasing steadily. As such accommodation requirements are also escalating. This has increased the demand for houses (rented as well as ownership) in Pune.
Agents and property dealers in Pune will help you to locate appropriate accommodation depending on your requirement (proximity to your workplace, your budget etc). Alternatively, if you want to buy property in Pune, the property dealers and real estate agents can help you too.
What is the cost of hiring the services of agents and property dealers in Pune?
Not all property dealers and real estate agents in Pune charge the same fees for offering their services. The amount you have to shell out as fees depends on several factors. These may include the following –
  • Type of property you are buying (house, villa, apartment etc)
  • Location where you are buying the property
  • Cost of the property etc
Popular agents and property dealers in Pune
Given below is a list of the real estate dealers and agents in Pune.
  • Satguru Properties
  • Property Bridge Pvt. Ltd
  • ABC Properties
  • Fairdeal Realtors
  • Estate Mediator Services
  • Jack Mak Properties Pvt. Ltd
  • One Stop Solutions
  • Mahesh Enterprises
  • Real Realty
  • Dreamz Real Estate etc
An increasing trend that is being observed in Pune real estate market is that more and more people are shifting to places within Pune where property cost is not high and affordable for all income groups. A lot of changes are setting in.
For instance, Kalyani Nagar which was earlier a bungalow dominated area is witnessing a number of upcoming residential projects consisting mainly of apartments. So, Koregaon Park which was formerly a property hub is being gradually replaced by Kalyani Nagar. Consequently, these places are becoming a favorite real estate destination for the innumerable agents and property dealers in Pune.