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Housing Boards in India


Housing Boards in India have been primarily set up keeping in mind the development and expansion of the property market in India. The idea was to work towards creating and establishing well planned and structured colonies and housing complexes.
The Government of India has supported the development of these housing boards, so that India can have more of well incorporated and aesthetically planned and designed housing development projects. The Housing Boards in India takes accountability to utilize the resources available to the optimum level. This in turn leads towards increased urbanization.
Housing Boards in India – Reasons of development
There are several housing boards in India that are carrying out diverse and various other housing agendas. The Himachal Pradesh Housing and Development Authority, which has been formed to incorporate the infrastructure of the state, has undertaken some industrious projects in the recent past. Nowadays in India, greater scopes are available in the home loans, their accessibility and procurement.
The rates of interest too are reasonable now. This in turn acted as one of the reasons for the increased demand for housing in India. Similarly, greater demand of the housing structures has given rise to the formation and development of the Housing Boards in India, in order to cater to the demands of an ever growing population. At the same time this growth in the population are diverse and have diverse needs, requirements, expectation, and budget capacities.
The Kerala Housing Board was set up in the year 1971 and has been working in providing affordable and decent housing solutions to the mass at large. The board has been effective in setting up a whole new range of bungalows, duplexes, houses, residential flats keeping in mind peoples requirements.
At the same time the Orissa State Housing Board too of late has gained greater prominence and appreciation for the projects that it has executed over the years. The board has given greater focus on the development of the rural areas and aims to build about 2, 50, 000 fire protection houses for the localities and the villagers. Like wise there are other Housing Boards in India too that are focusing on the development of the housing structure across India.
Future of Housing Boards in India
The Government of India is taking special initiatives in order to develop the Housing Boards in India. With their plans and agenda they are all set to build more than a lakh of homes in different cities in a short span of time. Many new projects are being introduced and several are in the pipeline. Other eminent Housing Boards are:-