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Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority


The Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) was established in the year 1977, with an objective to develop and enhance the housing scopes and opportunities in the state of Maharashtra. The organization was set up and is now expanding and diversifying its services and operations keeping mind the demand of the real estate and housing services in the city. The percentage of residents in Mumbai over the years has been increasing by a greater count. Therefore, in keeping with the latest trend in housing the MHADA has strategically taken initiatives in the housing domain that would cover the entire state of Maharashtra.
Functions of Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority
The function that the Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority involves itself are effective administration and corporate efficiency, vigilance in its day to day operations. It is in this manner that the Maharashtra Housing Board, the Mumbai Building Repair and Reconstruction Board, the Vidarbha Housing Board, The Maharashtra Slum Improvement Board were created and established. It is due to this structured and coherent level of functioning and specialization that the MHADA has been able to successfully cater to the requirements of the state.
The aspect that makes the board unparallel and commendable is it’s in detailed research and effective management in order to provide homes and residences in the suburban areas of Mumbai. These areas would be Powai, Majaswadi, Oshiwara and Chandvali.
Housing Projects of Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority
Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority forever maintained distinctive targets and objectives to meet and fulfill. Its aim and mission at times ousted the Housing Companies as well. The board in its attempts and initiatives if various projects always gave credence to aspects like Energy Conservation Pollution, Ecology and Over- Crowding whilst taking responsibilities in structuring, planning and executing the housing projects
MHADA has been extremely prominent in Mumbai over the years, and has kept up its name and presence with the latest projects in housing that even the private homebuilders undertake. The board comprises of hard working and efficient teams of the home architects that it successfully caters to the housing needs of the elite segment.
The board in Mumbai has undertaken the housing projects at Versova a community known for its élan and class. Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority work towards making high class accommodation facilities available to the Versova community. The rates that fixed are reasonable in keeping with the market trends. This is done so that even the middle class consumers can also opt for the housing accommodations in Versova. The board forever has executed housing projects so as to raise and elevate the housing standard of the people. At the same time MHADA has not only remained limited in the construction of buildings and houses but also involve itself in slum improvements initiatives. Also miscellaneous works on repairs and renewal are undertaken by the board.
Housing Initiatives by Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority
The teams that are associated with the board are working with the present construction projects as well as investing in the repair constructions. Maharshtra Housing and Area Development Authority have played an important role in improvising and enhancing the housing scenario in the state of Mumbai and the neighboring areas. For a while the board was facing scarcity in the land areas for construction works.
The recent projects undertaken by MHADA are in the areas of Dindoshi and Turbhe. Other areas that the board is trying to acquire are Vikhroli, Mulund and other suburban areas in the northeast part of Mumbai. These areas at the present moment are marshy in their terrain. With regards to the other parts of Mumbai the board has successfully developed the land areas of Chandrapur, Sholapur and other semi-urban zones of the state.