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United India Insurance

The United India Insurance Company is one of the eminent general insurance organizations. It belongs to the nationalized public sector. The company has been providing insurance cover to more than 1 crore individuals in India.

United India is based in Chennai, and has approximately 1340 offices spreading all over India. In keeping with its endeavors of providing insurance to various policy holders the company also now caters to the various segments of Life and Non-Life insurance enterprises and business units.
Home Insurance
Home Insurance, as a category or phenomenon has emerged as a prospective option in Non-life insurance sector in India. The policies or clauses that come under United India’s home insurance sector takes accountability and covers any losses or damage that is incurred upon the residential building and also its components. This includes home appliances, jewellery and other valuable items. Any or all the insurance policies are meant to be derived in the name of the house holder.
Areas of Home Insurance in United India
United India provides to its policy holders insurance cover on some salient sections. A person interested in the scheme ought to choose a minimum of four sections so that he/she can avail the premium discount, whilst the insurance policies against the contents are compulsory. The sections thus can be identified as:-
  • Any damage or loss caused to the building and its contents through fire, lightning or any other natural calamities.
  • Burglary
  • House theft and breaking
  • All or any damage on valuables and jewellery due to accident
  • All or any damage on baggage’s whilst on travel
  • All or any damage domestic equipments or appliances due to any mechanical or electrical breakdown
The insurance amount is assessed based on the actual or total amount of loss or damage that has been on the property that falls under the respective sections that are chosen. The entire sum total is the limit of the highest liability under the applicable sections. However, the United India home insurance policy does not take accountability for any damage or loss that might happen due to the following causes :-
  • War and war like perils
  • Violent and willful negligence of insured
  • Nuclear hazards and perils
  • Loss and damage owing to intentional act/self injury/ influence of drug/intoxicant
  • Depreciation and consequential loss due to wear and tear
  • Violation of policy conditions
  • Loss/damage/liability where Insured's family or Insured's employee are involved as principal/accessory
Estimate Home Worth
In today’s world Home Insurance is of utmost importance. If you are seeking for insurance you should first get an estimate of your actual home worth. At the same time it is important that you take an inventory of all your necessities and keep in safe records. This would allow you to achieve an approximate estimation of your home worth and help you in home claims.
Home insurance policies by United India are all created keeping in mind the various circumstances that an individual might face. Hence, the company with its policies works towards making home insurance an easy and affordable. If you are planning to take up a scheme with United India foe home insurance, then it would be a beneficial and profitable decision.