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Low Cost Housing in Agra

Homes in Agra are mostly traditional ones. This is because the city is rich in historical architectures that have the Taj Mahal as the biggest example of architectural excellence. Though the housing pattern in Agra is fast changing, yet there is a shortage of about 30,000 homes every year in Agra. The Agra residents are also finding it difficult to opt for modern facility homes because of the high prices. Therefore, the builders have come forward in developing and construction of low cost housing in Agra city. The residents are awarded with affordable homes in Agra that is located throughout the city.


Low cost homes in Agra

Since Agra is a desired tourist destination, and in good proximity to New Delhi and Jaipur. The low cost housing property in Agra is in great demand among the tourist as well. Those mainly are the vacation homes, villas, and bungalows. The middle-class residents in Agra are in love with the independent homes, apartments, and condos that are reasonably priced in Agra city. The areas around the shopping districts and in vicinity with the tourist attractions are likely to be costlier just like the commercial properties.
Then there is the Agra Development Authority that aims to provide low cost houses in Agra to the residents. Especially the low-income group is a beneficiary to all the schemes that are introduced by the authority. This authority is dedicated in providing homes under the various low cost housing schemes in Agra city. The people are required to submit their applications for homes with all the necessary income related documents. But, presently severe shortage of low cost housing in Agra has hampered their mission to a great extent. Therefore, a major responsibility lies in the shoulders of the builders and the real estate developers to improve on the condition by constructing more and more budget homes in Agra. 
However, one of the major problems that the Agra residents face is finding low-cost housing in Agra. Between several housing projects, complexes, independent homes, bungalows, and condos often people are confused with the prices and the infrastructural. For this purpose you can always seek help from the real estate brokers and property listing websites. 

Low cost housing projects in Agra

Building of low cost houses has just taken up in Agra. Though many are ready to be occupied, others are still under construction. People also opt for rented low cost housing in Agra to do away with the expenditure involved in purchasing of homes. 
Ansal Properties
The group had a budget of Rs 500 crore for building low cost housing units in Agra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. In total there were 10, 000 homes to be constructed to cater to the housing shortage in these states. The sixe of the flats were fixed at 500-550 square feet and rates of ownership would vary from Rs 2.5 lakhs onwards and up to Rs 10 lakhs. The cost of building the flats were fixed at Rs 500 per square feet. This project has been implemented under the name ‘Aastha’, and will be part of Ansal’s upcoming 500-acre mega township project, Sushant Taj City, in Agra.