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Low Cost Housing in Goa

Residential properties in Goa are a unique thing to see in the place that is so much surrounded by natural landscapes, beautiful waters, and beaches. The man-made beauty of the homes reflects the Portuguese settlements. This is why even the churches and museums are wonderful places to visit. The existing traditional homes are owned by the residents and also by the foreigners who are wiling to experience everything of the Indian culture and ethnicity. Therefore those who are looking for low cost housing in Goa for them the best option are the new housing projects that are being built. 

The traditional Goan homes are part of the heritage in Goa and especially in Vasco Da Gama and Panajim. The NRI’s and the forein travelers in India are mostly the takers of the luxury villas, vacation homes, and the bungalows in Goa. For the simple residents who are unable to afford such luxurious are instead forced to look out for cheaper homes in Goa that fulfills basic necessity and the basic standard of living. Since most of Goa is beaches and the sea there is a large fishermen community based in almost every region. They are the lower-income group that refers to have low cost houses in Goa located along the shorelines.
It is because of the geographical diversity mostly that concentrating on one area for building low cost residential property in Goa is almost not possible. That is why there are no fixed places where you can find low cost housing in Goa. The recently developed premier projects in Goa is much costly and beyond the capacity of the middle and lower-income group. But, the rental option is always open to them. Rental homes in Goa are likely cost less than ownership homes. This is mostly because you need not avail any loan facility and also need not shell out a fortune. You can always stay at a comfortable flat on monthly or quarterly rent until you have saved enough for a home. 
In recent years, the affordable homes in Goa are a joint initiative of the Goa Housing Board and the builders. There is a lot of market research involved before construction of low cost housing in Goa. This is the real estate market in Goa is anyway an expensive one, so the cost of building, price of land, and the labor rates are to be taken into account. 
Low cost housing projects in Goa
In early July 2010, the prices of steel and cement fell by at least 15 per cent. This naturally empowered the builders and the Goa housing Board to build more low-cost homes in Goa that would allow them to have a grip on the housing market. Other initiatives were taken by the DLF Builders who are building a series of apartments in Goa with comparatively lower prices. There is the DLF Greens, Majestic Heights, and Sapana Sea Mist that has 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartments that are priced between Rs 16 lakhs- Rs 30 lakhs.