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Low Cost Housing in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city that is much adorned with traditional homes. People opt for both rental and residential housing. But, for the past 6 years Hyderabad has witnessed a steady rise in property prices. This has made most homes unaffordable for even the middle-income group. Understanding the necessity of low-cost homes in Hyderabad has been a real boost to the Hyderabad housing sector. People are increasingly seeking for affordable homes in Hyderabad that would help them save a considerable amount from their salaries. The rise in number of residential complexes in Hyderabad is one option that is thrown open to the people of Hyderabad. The residents are also willing to go for rental accommodations that are considered to a low-cost one. 


Budget homes in Hyderabad

Low cost housing property (budget homes) in Hyderabad are often located in specific zones. This is because there are areas where lands in costly. Here having low-cost homes is almost impossible for the builders. Like the Hitech-City in Hyderabad region is costlier than most other places in Hyderabad. But, if you are willing to shift to Secunderabad and Kota regions, though they are shopping districts the places have comparatively cheaper homes in Hyderabad. 
The low cost houses in Hyderabad are a serial effort of the state government in collaboration with various builders and real estate giants. They are coming forward to solve the problem of housing in Hyderabad. Many people in the suburban areas are still without basic housing conditions due to lack of low-cost homes in Hyderabad.  Because of shortage of low-cost homes in Hyderabad, presently there are several initiatives being taken up to improve the situation within the city. Private builders are setting plans to construct a number of budget homes in Hyderabad. Low cost housing units in Hyderabad are coming up in several parts of the state. 500 square feet homes are available at Rs 2- 4 lakhs for the lower-income and middle-income group. 

Low cost housing projects in Hyderabad

In the year 2008, the Mahindra group ventured into real estate business by planning to set up low cost homes in Hyderabad that would have all modern facilities and priced between Rs 20- Rs 35 lakhs in prime business centers in the city. This was mostly intended to draw the techie-crowd in Hyderabad. 
Low cost housing scheme in Hyderabad was introduced in the earlier abandoned area of Kohisar extension that is spread across 200 acres of land. 
The company that is popular for construction of low budget homes throughout the country has now planned an extension of its focus on the Hyderabad housing sector. In early 2010, the company K Raheja Corporation announced to launch low-cost villas in Hyderabad, Pune, and Goa that would cost Rs 45 lakh- Rs 65 lakh in minimum.