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Low Cost Housing in Lucknow

Lucknow is a commercially and industrially vibrant zone that is developing rapidly. The real estate in Lucknow is also developing with the rise in population in the place. The shopping districts and the tourist attractions make Lucknow a prominent place to live in. The low cost housing in Lucknow is therefore meant for all such residents for whom affording expensive homes is beyond question. They are the middle-income and lower-income individuals who do not have a fortune to own lavish homes. For them something that meets basic and comfortable requirements is good enough. 

Lucknow has great prospects in store for people who are willing to set up their own business especially in the retail and the leather segment. There are several such traders who have moved into Lucknow for enhancing their business. Such people also fail to afford high-priced apartments in one of the up-market zones. Rental accommodation is what they opt for if not single 1 BHK apartments. But, they prefer suitable locations that would allow them to trade well and also avoid the transportation charges. 

Budget homes in Lucknow

The low cost rental property in Lucknow is being constructed keeping in mind the necessity of the middle-income group. But, for projects that are operational under the government schemes main target the low-income group at large. The homes under such schemes are no more than Rs 2.5 lakhs on ownership and Rs 700- Rs 900 on rent. The square feet area however varies from 350-550 square feet.
The recent low cost housing units in Lucknow that are sprouting within the city limits have been the craze recently. There are studio apartments and well-furnished flats with a square feet of 700- 2,000 is priced between Rs 12 lakhs to Up to 35 lakhs. But this is much compared to those that also charge up to Rs 70 lakhs normally. The facilities and quality standard of living are luring many to make advance bookings while the construction is still underway. This also often brings down the price by 10-20 per cent more. 
The low cost housing in Lucknow is not a difficult thing anymore with the steady rise in the flat culture that has surpassed construction of homes on independent plots in Jaipur. Instead, the plots are being purchased by the private builders from their owners and the government for construction of affordable homes in Lucknow.

Low cost housing projects in Lucknow

Parsvnath Royale Floors
One of the prominent affordable housing projects in Lucknow is the one announced by the Parsvnath group of builders in the city. The ‘Parsvanath Floors’ focused on the economy-class in Jaipur. It comprises of 510 units of 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartments. It is located in the Faizabad Road. The prices are between Rs 13.9 lakhs- Rs 27 lakhs and would be completed in 2011.
Platinum Heights
The Delhi base Prime Developers are sponsoring this venture in Lukcnow that is expected to have 250 residential units ranging from 500 square feet to 1,300 square feet.