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Rental Property in Goa

Goa is an exotic place to visit and live. The pristine villagers, exquisite food, and the local drink fenny have been attracting tourists for decades now. In such a place, the demand for rental property in Goa is essentially on the commercial front. People who are on month long vacation or business travelers often prefer the rented homes in Goa than even the resorts. For them living among the local fishermen crowd within the small Goa hamlets is an experience of the lifetime. Considering this, many traditional homes in Goa has increased facilities for rental homes. There are separate rooms being constructed with modern facilities with a traditional touch that is gaining much prominence among the foreign tourists especially. 

Goa has a comparatively expensive housing market particularly in Panajim and Central, and South Goa, where the beaches have some world-class resorts and sea-food restaurants. This has made these areas expensive in terms of residential rental property in Goa which was not the case even 5-years back. The chain of restaurants and resorts has a stiff competition in the hotel market in Goa. Therefore the value of rental property in Goa has been drastically increasing. Houses that was earlier available for Rs 5,000 on rent for 2 Bedroom flat is now priced at minimum of Rs 7,500- Rs 8,500. According to reports of the market experts in Goa, there are little chances that the prices of rental property in Goa will fall. 
However, there are residential complexes and independent homes in North Goa that are within budget. And, when there is myriad of choices of homes that you can make while you stay at Goa, living becomes even easier. There are all kinds of homes available on rent in Goa. There are independent homes, villas, apartments, Green homes, cottages, beach homes, guest houses, and vacation homes. They provide all modern facilities that meet the taste of international visitors.

Rental market in Goa

The commercial rental property in Goa is mostly the hotel chains that are increasingly opting for space to expand their business. More often it is the restaurants, bars, and night clubs that are the takers. Since Goa has many gambling and casino houses, shopping outlets, and accessories plazas beside pearl shops, space on rent for business purpose is available on rent. 
The residential rental property in Goa is popular within 5-8 km of the Dona Paula, Kolva, Calangute, and the Condolim beaches in Goa. This is mostly because of the furnished apartments which is also the rental property in Goa that is much sought after. The residents are able to enjoy much of the coastal area facilities and more importantly the scenic beauty right from their window. Such areas have more NRI settlements who do not want to lose on the nature’s beauty when they are in the country. 
The rental rates in Goa vary with the location, advantages, facilities, and supply of food that the particular homes offer for tourists. There are also other criteria like area square feet, number of bedrooms, and AC/non-AC rooms. If you are willing to be a resident in Goa, you need to consider which place will commercially and professionally viable to you and your family.