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Rental Property in Kochi

Kochi is one of the premier places in Kerala. It is the commercial capital of the state and is one of the fastest developing places in Kerala’s history. With cultural, educational, and tourism centers, the place is ever vibrant. Commercialization has eventually increased the demand for houses and the rental property in Kochi has been successful in providing quality accommodation to the people of Kerala. 
The housing market in Kochi is comparatively cheaper if you move towards the Ernakulam town. The Fort Kochi region has homes that are highly priced. Most of those houses are occupied by the people working either in the aviation or in the marine industry in Kochi. The other houses on rent in Kochi are the multi-storey high rise ones that have recently gained grounds particularly in Central Kochi. With the major hotels like ITDC, and Regents building chain of restaurants, there seems to be a speedy requirement for commercial rental property in Kochi as well. 
The traditional Malayalis are changing their taste for homes as well. The modern home concept is being applicable in every corner of the place. The concept is even well maintained when it comes to the rental homes in Kochi. Most homes are equipped with modern technology and provide every facility to the tenants. Besides, the focus of the tenants in availing the rental property in Kochi is mostly because of the affordability reason. No one wishes to give up on the compatibility factor. Therefore it has always become essential to make sure that the rented houses in Kochi are not without the basic standard of living.

Rental market in Kochi

In the backdrop of high property price rises, it has become lucrative for many to opt for rental accommodation in Kochi. Especially because for majority of Kochi residents they are easily available and also in budget. There are specific areas that have the maximum rental property in Kochi. Vennala, EMC, Tripunithura, and Vazhakhala in Kochi have independent homes that are priced from Rs 5,000 onwards on rent for 2BHK apartment with 600 square feet. Panmpilly Nagai in Kochi has luxury apartments with all modern facilities that are available on Rs 12,000 minimum rent per month. 
However, there are often vast differences in rental value noticed in several locations. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the Kochi market trend, the location, type of neighborhood, and also the type of home before selecting one for yourself.

Rental rates in Kochi

The chart given below shows the rent value in Kochi that varies with the location and zone. 
Rental zones in Kochi Prices
North Rs 4,000-Rs 14,000
South Rs 5,000- Rs 8,000
East Rs 4,000- Rs 9,000 2 BHK flat
West Rs 7,000- Rs, 10,000 for 2 BHK flat
The above rate chart in Kochi clearly shows the difference in rate that particularly the North Zone has with east. While North is cheaper, East is has a minimum rent that is much higher for the 2 BHK flats. On leash as well it is observed that apartments in the Northern zone is reasonable priced. May be this is the reason that there are more residents in North and South Kochi.