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Rental Property in Noida

Noida is emerging as the largest industrial township in Asia. The infrastructural developments in recent years have given impetus to several companies and people to settle in Noida. Eventually, the real estate market in Noida has experienced dramatic changes in the pattern of housing. And one of them is the increase in demand for rental property in Noida and Greater Noida region. The entire township that is divided into various sectors has facilities for rental accommodation in Noida. You can absolutely settle whichever sector please you. If you are a working professional, you would certainly choose the place that is close to your workplace. The houses on rent in Noida are largely availed by people who have moved in this part of Delhi NCR for career purpose. They often have very little options other than to depend on the Noida rentals. 


Rental market in Noida

However, the rental property in Noida has experienced huge changes when prices are concerned. According to reports of the real estate market in Noida, the prices of homes and also the rental values have escalated rapidly in just few years. The rental houses of all sectors in the city have recorded an escalation of 76 per cent in house rent over a couple of years. Most landlords have increased the rental rates in Noida with the influx of more people in the city. But, there is another trend that has caught up significantly in Noida. Many landlords are also choosing to sell off their existing houses to their tenants at low prices and instead cash in on the booming real estate market scenario. This is profitable avenue as well. 
But, the rental situation in Noida has improved than what it was even some five years back. Thanks to the builders and the real estate agents, increase in construction brought down the prices and also helped creating more commercial and housing space in Noida. Rental homes in Noida gained more grounds and those unable to afford an ownership house are quiet satisfied with their standard of living. The villas and bungalows are available on rent for even 2-5 months on contractual basis for businessmen and executive travelers. They come to Noida to fix business deals and once it is done, they leave the place. Rented homes in Noida seems to be more comfortable a place to stay rather than the hotels and resorts. 
As discussed earlier the rental rates in Noida are comparatively higher in most sectors, the reason is because of the advantages that one sector has over the others. Rates on affordable basis would begin from Rs 10,000 onwards for a minimum of 650-700 square feet area. 
Rental value in Noida
The below given chart will give you a glimpse of the prices of the rental property in Noida.
Sectors Prices
11-15A Rs 12,000-Rs 25,000
17-23 Rs 12,000-Rs 24,000
82-122 Rs 10,000 onwards
48-52 Rs 12,000-Rs 19,000
53-72 Rs 12,000-Rs 20,000
34-40 Rs 10,000-Rs 20,000
26-33 Rs Rs 10,000-Rs 40,000